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Hi, I'm Ana! I'm Brazilian, twenty years old, female... I'm currently studying English and I intend to be either a teacher or a translator someday. I enjoy reading ( mainly sci-fi and fantasy ), daydreaming ( XD ) writing ( mainly sci-fi and fantasy ), drawing, dancing, watching anime, movies, cartoons, series and a few soaps, listening to music, playing video games and making graphics even though I may not be good at some of these things.

I guess I will be sharing with you some graphics and writings of mine, songs from singers and bands that I like a lot and quizes and memes that I find to be neat. I don't talk a lot about my personal life I guess. I'm sort of shy. I will also try hard not annoying you, haha.

Oh, rising_dreamer is my second livejournal account, the first one was unearthly_lady. The other journal, was in Portuguese and English. Quite a bad idea, I think, since some readers were Portuguese or English speakers only. And yes, I'm _celine_jules_ as well. _celine_jules_ is the account for my journal in Portuguese. Just in case you are wondering if _celine_jules_ is a sockpuppet or something XD. Anyways, so now I will keep a journal in Portuguese and another one in English to practice the language. And why Why rising_dreamer? Because... I used a generator! Deep, right? Yeah, I know.
I kind of rotate layouts and mood themes. I may be using a Karina, Francine, Kaie or Katy layout by tanz_fanatika, one of Mirta, with images from http://bloomagnieszka.za.pl by me, one with a picture of a forest or the sky, by capture_dreams one of Roxas, by blah_chiharu, a flowers one by premade_ljs, or an Elyon, Nerissa and Cassidy, Rinoa, Yuna or Garnet one by remiem.

As for my journal's mood themes, I may be using a Sailor Moon Villain one that I found on http://www.jadedblue.org/rikki/shop/a Snow White, Meg or Disney faeries one by snowwhitesicons a Digimon theme by sarah531, a senshi one by euterpeslullaby, a Gundam Wing one by amiyui, a kitty, flower or weather one by girlboheme, a Fullmetal Alchemist skylark_icons, a christmas one by shadowsong, a peaces_icons theme by peacefully and allysonsedai, an Inner or Outer Senshi theme by endingscomelast, a Howl's Moving Castle one by clarinetkoko, or a Winx Club one by me with pictures taken from from href="http://bloomagnieszka.za.pl and http://www.angelfire.com/la3/goldenroad15 and scans/caps scans/caps evilvanessafan, akisora, tanz_fanatika and thetruenoir.

And last but not least, I may be using a FMA FO banner by lavaliere, or a flower, cat or sky one by capture_dreams.

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